Board of the Panevėžys Jewish community, headed by chairman Gennady Kofman, is known for its significant activity. In the period of 2003–2008 several projects were made. Readers are acquainted with objectives and tasks of some projects, already implemented and realized.

When implementing the project „Integration of National Minorities – Jews – into Europe“, or „Social Integration of the Lithuanian Jew Community“ on February-July of 2008, computer literacy and English language courses were held. The project was financed from European social foundation and common funds. The project motto was “Let’s Learn and Create Future Together!“ On July 19 2008, during the meeting, held

in Panevėžys café „Elevota“, the mentioned project was discussed, with participation of a guest from Vilnius– executive director of the Lithuanian Jewish community Simonas Gurevičius.

Project „Commemoration of the old Panevėžys Cemetery in Panevėžys Sietynas square“ was implemented in the period of 2007–2009.

Project „From Civil Initiative Towards Civil Society“ was implemented together with the Panevėžys „Žemyna“ secondary school. The project was implemented from January 1 2008 till June 20 2008.

School community has been maintaining friendly relations with the Jewish community already for five years. Common exhibitions and seminars are often held. The common activity enables one to realize a tragedy of the Holocaust, encourages pupils to collect material on this topic, forms their attitude towards the historical memory, develops tolerance. The project coordinator is teacher Ona Juospaitienė.

The exhibition “The Holocaust in Lithuania” was arranged as a result of the project.

Also such project as „Collection and Fixation of Material for the programme “History of the Panevėžys Jewish community from 1740 till nowadays” should be mentioned.

The project was carried out by the Jewish community, chairman Gennady Kofman, coordinator – chief specialist of Education department of the Panevėžys city municipality Birutė Baublienė. The project was really successful - new premises for the museum exposition in the Jewish community central office were equipped, a full-scale and vivid exhibition „Fragments of Panevėžys Jews’ History“ was held. Furthermore, study programs for the 5-12th formers were prepared, history courses on the Holocaust were held, etc. The project was implemented from October 1 2005 till October 1 2006.

The project „To remind Our Descendants That Not Many People Were Lucky to Survive” is dedicated to commemorate the Holocaust day in Lithuania. September 23 2006.

The project aimed at holding seminars and lessons, viewing films on the Holocaust.

The project „Maintaining of the Jewish National Customs and Holiday Traditions, Panevėžys Jewish community School, Analysis of Human rights and Cognition of the Holocaust within the Panevėžys Jewish Community“. Project organizers: Gennady Kofman – chairman of the Panevėžys Jewish community,

higher technical education; Michail Grafman – deputy chairman, higher musical education; Margarita Šteimanienė – a member of the community, higher education, Lithuania Music and Theatre Academy, choral conducting. The project participants collected material on Jews’ life in Panevėžys city from 1950 up to 2005, on rabbis, who had lived and worked here, on higher school “Yeshiva” (from 1890). A considerable focus

was laid upon spread of historical material among society. By the initiative of the Jewish Community Board, the Easter, the New Years holidays are celebrated every year; moreover, on the 23rd of September those who had suffered form genocide, are commemorated in Kurganava forest, flowers are put near the Jews’ ghetto stone in Klaipėda str. and in the old Jewish cemetery in Sietynas str.

The project „History of the Jewish Community in Panevėžys Land“ was performed together with the administration of Panevėžys Regional Study Museum. Authoress of the project Daina Snicoriūtė recorded all the collected material in audio-video tapes. She made a film on Jews’ life in Panevėžys up to 1940. The project was carried out during the period of 2003–2006.

The project „Activity Programme of the Panevėžys city Jewish Community Together With Panevėžys Regional Companies, Institutions, Organizations“. Calendar-religious Jewish holidays - Hanukkah, Purim, Peisach, Rosh Hashanah - are celebrated; a booklet on Jews’ life in the city was published, etc. The project was carried out in 2003.

The project „Social Support Members of the Panevėžys Jewish Community“. The authors through this project sought to form normal conditions for community members, so that they could feel properly in their community. The project was carried out in the period of 2003-2006.

The project „Activity of the Panevėžys Jewish Community Together with Panevėžys Regional Society on Anti-Semitism Issues”. The authors through this project aimed at fighting anti-Semitism and propaganda on human rights. The project was fulfilled during the period of 2005–2006.

The project „Participation of Panevėžys Jews in National and Religious Renaissance“. Through this project authors sought to improve relations with Lithuanian public organizations, maintain relations with the media, Lithuanian National Radio and Television. The project was implemented during the period of 2005–2006.

The project “Maintenance of Cultural Relations With Panevėžys City and Panevėžys Regional Society and Youth”. The authors sought to introduce material on Jews’ life and culture in the 14-19th centuries. The project was implemented in 2006.

The project “Radio Programme on the Panevėžys Jewish Community, Lithuanian and the World Jewish History, Life and Activity”. The authors aimed at acquainting the Panevėžys regional society with the world, Lithuanian, Panevėžys Jews’ life over the radio station „Aukštaitijos radijas“ (“Radio of Higher Lithuania”, this radio station is broadcasted for 24 hours for Panevėžys and all the Higher Lithuania). The project was performed in the period of 2005–2006.

The project „Foundation of the Panevėžys Jewish Folklore Group”, headed by Michail Grafman. The aim of this project is to promote the Jewish national songs and dances in the society, to participate in the city events, etc. The project was carried in 2005.

Project "No for Holocaust"

usaIn 2011’s April U.S. Ambassador Anne E. Derse visited Panevezys Jewish community. She wanted to know about Panevezys Jewish life history and cultural heritage. The discussion with guest turned on the social, cultural, educational cooperation, common work with Panevezys educational institutions. It was proposed to prepare the project with Panevezys Rozyno primary school about Holocaust. The project was donated by the United States, Austria and the Netherlands Embassy. Rozynas School’s history teacher Genutė Žilytė became project’s manager, Panevezys Jewish community – partners.

The project started with cleaning up the sites of massacre in Zalioji and Kurganava forests. Two days Jewish community’s members, schoolchildren, teachers and school’s director A. Adiklienė, cut grass, washed the monuments, swept old branches, leaves.

On 23th of September  when Lithuanian Jews mentioned 70th anniversary of  Genocide‘s victims honour day, to Panevezys came  U.S. Ambassador’s substitute Anne Hall, deputy from the Israeli Embassy in Latvia and Lithuania – Marika Pinke, professor Dovid Katz. TOC club members (from Rozyno School) showed them program "Memory of the Holocaust."hana

 In November was held another phase of the project – school’s students organized photo exhibition "The Holocaust Witnesses - buildings. In the event came U.S. President Barack Obama's special representative for anti-Semitism Hannah Rożental Affairs, Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Yaron Oppenheimer. The exhibition left a deep impression for all participants.

During project’s phases, Rozyno School’s community visited U.S. Embassy, Lithuanian Jewish community, where they could broad their knowledge about Holocaust, Jewish life.

parodaIn 2012 the project was continued and in February was organized a poster exhibition "No for the Holocaust". In the exhibition attented Panevezys mayor Vitalijus Satkevicius, municipality’s deputies Regina Eitmone and Petras Narkevicius. Guests commended schoolchildren job very well.

A further part of the project – “Three puppet story”. Show is about ghetto kids who lived in France, Poland and Romania. Also, TOC club members will prepare seminars about Anti-Semitism in Europe in 1939.

The project will end in May. Then we will go to a concentration camp in Latvia, Salaspils, near Riga.

 The main goal of this project is to remember to public about the Second World War tragedy, motivate them not forget the repression where was destroyed 6 million of innocent Jewish people

Opening of Memorial “The Grieving Jewish Mother” by Keith W. Kaye






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